5 reasons your business should be blogging

5 reasons your business should be

What can you do to drive traffic, become a trusted industry leader and improve SEO? Start blogging. A corporate blog, existing as an element of a larger inbound marketing initiative, can help build the backbone of your content strategy, increase qualified leads and much more. Top reasons to start now:

1.) A blog helps drive the right traffic to your website

It’s not a secret that blogging can help drive search engine optimization improvements.  Create more active pages on your site by updating your blog frequently using your SEO keywords.  In fact, websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages.  More useful content=more opportunities for search engines to find your site.  Many people create corporate blogs specifically to improve SEO, but it’s not the only benefit.  Blog content that is useful to your audience becomes sharable, through email and social media.  Use the blog content you create to drive the rest of your content management strategy, specifically when creating social media messages.

2.) Become a trust agent

It’s not enough to simply create content, your content must answer the questions your target audience is asking, especially the “what’s in it for me” question.   Write content that is helpful, educational, or fulfills needs of your audience, and you can become a trusted industry expert.  After this role is established, it’s easy to position your services, leading me to reason #3…

3.) Control the narrative

Good research inspires great content.  Discover the trends, problems, and obstacles facing consumers in your industry.  Then build content that not only answers these questions (see #2), but positions your services or products as the solution.   Being up-to-date on the challenges your industry is facing will help you proactively position your products and services.

4.) Create an informed and confident consumer

If you’re carrying out #3 correctly, a corporate blog works to inform each visitor and turn them into a qualified lead.  By addressing the readers’ needs and positioning your product/service as the solution, the consumer feels more confident in your expertise and is ready to talk.  The next step is placing intentional call to actions within and immediately following your blog posts.  These can include free white papers, case studies, or anything people would be willing to trade information for.  These essential tools helps convert page views to leads for your sales team.

5.) Give them something to talk about

Blogging gives current and potential consumers a window into the heart of your brand.  Here is your place to promote the charity your team supports, your wellness program that’s driving results and creating healthier employees, or company news such as a promotion or new team member. No, these posts may not have the highest lead conversions, but building brand awareness and a positive corporate image is important among consumers and industry leaders. On our team, we make sure to include a post of this nature once per month and assure it aligns with our brand positioning goals.

There you have them!  5 reasons why your business, big or small, should be taking advantage of a growing trend in the marketing industry.

Recently implemented a blogging strategy for your business? Share with me your successes and struggles:

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