Room to Grow: Why I Decided to Move to Charlotte After One Visit

dc post 6
At the time of my first visit to Charlotte in 2012, I had only known it as the city some sorority sisters called home. I visited because my girlfriends and I wanted to see Jimmy Buffet in concert (a highly recommended life experience), my boyfriend grew up in the area and I had scored an interview for a marketing position in the city. We spent the weekend concert-ing, exploring Uptown and getting the driving tour. Against all of my type-A tendencies and without the help of a trusty pros and cons list, I made a bold decision to start my career, my life, in a place I had visited once. I remember getting some questions from family: Could I grow in my career in Charlotte? What would I do for fun? Will I outgrow it in a year? Does it even have a skyline? (Real question, yes, and everyone is pretty proud of it, btw). Looking back I probably should have come up with some thought out answers, but my 22 year old, diploma-waving self simply said, “I’ll figure it out!” And eventually I did, for the most part.

Part of the reason why I felt so comfortable making the move to Charlotte was because I so easily and effortless felt a part of it. Charlotte was very much a city in transition; on the brink of finding its identity. This appealed to me, of course, as a post-grad fresh off of campus as an opportunity to discover not only my own next steps in life, but do so while the city is doing the same. I couldn’t miss out on that.

Over the past three years as an adopted “Charlottean”, I’ve been amazed at how its people have shaped what will become the city’s identity. From “Bring Back the Buzz” to #instabeerupclt and hyperlocal blogs keeping everyone in the loop, entire communities have been formed and energized by the desire to create something new.

Our city is growing, flourishing and expanding. There will be new jobs, new housing and there’s no doubt we’ll be celebrating the grand opening of a hot new restaurant this time next year. What’s promising is that there is still so much room to grow. This gives those who live here an opportunity to design the future of our city and in some ways, a responsibility to do so.

Inspired by the #DesignCharlotte campaign, here are a few favorite shots of my new hometown:

dc post 3
Charlotte from the greenway
dc post 8
A crowded patio and BBQ from Mac’s Speed Shop
dc post 11
Local beer overlooking the skyline at Fahrenheit
dc post 7
A Tuesday morning at Atherton Mill and Market
dc post 5
Greenway views
dc post 10
A new take on ramen at Futa Buta
dc post 9
Cheering on the home team at BB&T Stadium
dc post 2
From the top of Crowder’s Mountain

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of #DesignCharlotte. The opinions and text are all mine. Post your favorite snapshots of life in Charlotte by tagging #DesignCharlotte and following along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of #DesignCharlotte. The opinions and text are all mine.


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